Veggie Noodle Soup 

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to share with you what I cook for lunch (a healthy lunch you can say that) and it’s really simple and fast to make! Especially if you’re too lazy to cook but you still want to be healthy lol. Besides, you can modify the cooking and add up anything you want! Easy right? 😌

Ok, I call this meal – Veggie Noodle Soup. You don’t need many ingredients to make it, and you don’t need expensive things too! So, here it goes:

What you’ll need are:

1. Olive oil (it can be any oil -cooking oil etc)

2. Veggies of course! You can put any vegetables you want, it’s all up to you! But for me, I put baby Fak Choy, button mushrooms, baby carrots. I don’t put much bcz I don’t want it to be very heavy.

3. Next, garlic! Very important!

4. And the last one, its optional actually – noodles. I use tiny noodles in this meal. It’s alright if you don’t want to include noodles so it’ll just be veggie soup but like I said you can modify it depending on you!

5. Oh wait! Of course you need salt, flavoured and black pepper (optional if you want a bit of spicy taste)

6. I include fish cakes and fish balls too bcz I love them in soup and its nice to eat with the veggies. You can add chicken or any meat if you want as well!

Soooo, let’s proceed to the cooking then!

1. You heat up a pot and then you pour some olive oil in it.

2. You put garlics and cook until it turns brownish colour.

3. Then, you put baby carrots in or any veggies that takes longer time to cook/soft and you pour in some water.

4. You close the pot with the lid and let it boil for a few minutes (until the carrots become a bit soft). After that, you put mushrooms, fish cakes and fish balls in. You close the lid and wait for them to boil.

5. Then, take the baby fak choy and put into the pot since it takes a few minutes to cook.

6. Lastly, when you see the veggies are soft, the fish cakes,fish balls are cooked, you add some salt, flavoured pepper and black pepper. Soon after, add the noodles in and close the lid again for a few minutes.

And tadaa!!! Your veggie noodle soup is done! Takes about 10-15 minutes only!

Super easy right? Now you can enjoy your meal and stay healthy!

Till then, have a good day!

-DJ x


Author: Psyphorxa


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